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8 Ways to Earn

Nature's liquids compensation plan

Do you...

  • Think you and your family would enjoy an extra $100, $500, $5000 or more per month?
  • Wish to set your own hours?
  • Desire more quality time with your family?
  • Crave more vibrancy and vitality in your life?
  • Feel an urgency to contribute to your family's financial security?
  • Want proven products with a 99.77% satisfaction rate?

If you said yes to any of the questions above, then find comfort in knowing you are not alone. Ask yourself one simple question…Are you ready to enhance your life?

8 ways to earn money for you and your family 1

Retail Sales

Get paid immediate cash! Buy wholesale, sell at retail, you keep the rest.


Personal Customer Commissions

Earn up to 38% commissions on personally sponsored customers.


Unlimited 25% Rebates

Instant 25% profit when you drop ship to your We-Pak (3 bottles) customers.


Fast Track Bonuses

Get paid weekly and earn $100 with our Fast Track Bonus for each new personally sponsored Premier-Pak customer or PBB*.


Building Bonus

Earn additional bonuses for your teams' total Fast Track Bonus activity.


Uni-Level Override Bonuses

Earn over 6% residual income on ALL 5 levels upon qualification.


Total Frontline Volume Leadership Pool

Qualified PBB's will receive an additional shared bonus from a 3% global leadership pool.


Total Team Volume Leadership Pool

Qualified PBB's will receive an additional shared bonus from a 2% global leadership pool.

Whether you want to earn an extra $100, $500, $5000 or more a month for you and your family, Nature’s Liquids business model gives you the choice and the power to do so.

Getting started is easy.

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*A Premier Business Builder (PBB) is an Independent Distributor who makes a minimum qualifying purchase of a Premier-Pak (12 bottles), or equivalent, within an active calendar month. Equivalencies include 1) a SMART Start Distributorship and 2) by participating in the FlexQual program. For more details please review Nature's Liquids complete compensation plan.


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