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Company Description

Nature's Liquids, home of SeaAloe and Superfruits GT, was founded in 2006 and is based in Carlsbad, CA. We are the exclusive owners of the SeaAloe formula, with the legendary Sea Vegetables, Hand-Fillet Aloe Vera, Quadruple Strength Pau d' Arco and Four Fruit Juice Concentrates that started the Whole-Food Liquid Vitamin craze two decades ago. Nature's Liquids also owns and distributes an antioxidant formula called Superfruits GT.

Nature's Liquids has developed into the premier resource for whole food liquid nutritional products. Our flagship product, SeaAloe, has a 21 year history of being one of the most complete liquid vitamin and mineral supplements available. Nature's Liquids has continued with its high standards with the launch of Superfruits GT. We look to a future filled with wonderful results with Superfruits GT; just as its counterpart, SeaAloe, has delivered over the years.

Nature's Liquids is a privately owned corporation. We recognize and honor the interdependent relationship and power of our US based; independent distributors to spread the word about our amazing liquid supplement products which make up Nature's Liquids. As a direct selling company, we offer a home based business opportunity. Nature's Liquids compensation plan is designed to assist people at all levels of experience, desire, and determination to reach the goals they set for themselves and their families.

A constant dedication to high quality products and services provides the basis of our core business principles. These are the principles that will ensure the continued growth and success of both Nature's Liquids and our independent distributors.

We thank you for your interest in Nature's Liquids. We look forward to a long and mutually successful future!

Mission Statement

Nature's Liquids exists to improve the well-being of others through superior health products and enduring financial freedom.

We strive for perfection on every level. From the individual to the product, each and every customer is treated with equal integrity and respect and this balance is duplicated when formulating our products with clarity and precision. Our unrivaled liquid products mimic nature and deliver nutritional stability which individuals can rely on for superior health. Our compensation plan rewards all levels of effort for people to successfully attain enduring financial freedom.

Our corporate principals are founded on honesty, integrity, a sense of community and mutual respect. We vow to stay consistent and offer an unwavering haven for those who seek one. We believe each person holds unlimited potential and we strive to unlock such potential. Together we can make a difference with each life we touch.

Facilities & Manufacturing

Nature's Liquids manufacturing is among the most exacting in the industry. Our Head of Manufacturing, Jim Clark, has been successfully handling liquid products and mastered fluid control for over 30 years.

Jim Clark's expertise and experience in the industry has allowed him to identify and champion 5 critical success factors involving the successful production of Nature's Liquids supplements:

1. Ingredient Consistency
2. Ingredient Quality
3. Equipment Maintenance
4. Quality Control
5. Regulatory Agencies

The first two factors, ingredient consistency and ingredient quality, are almost interchangeable with each relying on the others presence. Jim's industry knowledge has given him the leverage to connect to the highest quality ingredient suppliers. Even though Jim's 15+ year relationship with these suppliers is strong, he still implements a very strict validation procedure to test the consistency between all batches.

An example of Nature's Liquids quality ingredients is shown through the use of local Aloe Vera suppliers. For the highest quality and consistency known to Nature's Liquids, Aloe Vera must be processed into our formula within hours of the Aloe being hand-filleted; thus only local Aloe Vera suppliers can provide us with the freshest product for the most beneficial properties. Without the freshest products, Nature's Liquids is just another liquid supplement.

Equipment maintenance and quality control are big factors in the production of SeaAloe and Superfruits GT. Following a set of standard operating procedures is critical to the successful production of each new batch.

Quality control occurs at the beginning and the end of each batch production To start; each raw ingredient is delivered with a certificate of analysis. The Manufacturing team performs a separate analysis to ensure quality control for the raw ingredient, otherwise the ingredient is rejected. Using a procedure called Batch Identity, each bottle can be traced from consumption to original receipt of the ingredients, allowing for the highest levels of quality control and freshness, easily reviewed by regulatory agencies.

Nature's Liquids believes in striving for perfection in all areas, especially quality and freshness, so it might as well be perfection from the start. These procedures ensure the consistency of quality and freshness for each of our products. Nature's Liquids gives our customers reassurance that every step is being taken to deliver a reliable product to your doorstep each and every time you order.


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