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Referral Program

Nature's Liquids offers a referral program that can earn you up to a 30% discount on your orders!

When you refer others to Nature's Liquids, you earn 10% in Referral Bonus Credits based on the Regular Price of EVERY purchase anyone you refer makes. You can then apply your Referral Bonus Credits to any purchase you make; up to a maximum of 30% off any order.

Referral Bonus Credits are valid for 60 days from your referred customer's purchase (or 90 days if you are enrolled in Autoship). Any unused Referral Bonus Credits remain available until they expire.

Available Referral Bonus Credits are automatically applied to any Autoship order.

Pro tip: Set your Autoship for every 3 months, and every Referral Bonus Credit earned (up to the 30% maximum) will automatically be applied to every order!

Example 1

Your friend Chad orders a Premier Pak of SeaAloe, generating you $30 in Referral Bonus Credits. Any time in the next 60 days, you may apply that to any purchase from Nature's Liquids. If you purchase a Premier Pak or We-Pak, you save $30. If you purchase an i-pak, you save $12 and a balance of $18 in Referral Bonus Credits remains available for 60 days to use towards another purchase.

Example 2

Your friends Brett, Jessie, and Garrett each order Premier Paks on different dates: The 1st, 15th and 30th of March. You have $90 in Referral Bonus Credits available until May 1st, then $60 available until May 15th, and $30 available until May 30th. (Each expires 60 days after each order was placed.)

Example 3

Corbin, who you referred, orders 4 Premier Paks of Superfruits GT. You have $120 in Referral Bonus Credits available for 60 days. If you order a Premier Pak of SeaAloe within 60 days, you save $90 off that order, and the remaining $30 continues to be available for you to use towards any purchase within 60 days of Corbin's 4 Premier Pak order.

Example 4

You refer Angela and she orders a We-pak of SeaAloe every month. You are on a 3 month Autoship for a We-pak of Superfruits GT. Each of Angela's orders generates $10 in Referral Bonus Credits (unlike most programs where you only get a Referral Bonus on your friend's first purchase!) $30 is automatically applied to your We-pak order (Remember, if you are on Autoship, your Referral Bonus Credits last 90 days.)

Example 5

Melissa, Adam and Rebekah are each on a monthly Premier Pak Autoship, and so are you. You referred all 3 of them, you automatically save $90 off each of your monthly Autoship orders.

Referral Bonus Credits are automatically applied to any eligible order, there is no enrollment fee, sign-up process, and no further information required from you. Oldest available Referral Bonus Credits are automatically applied first.

Once used, Referral Bonus Credits are non-refundable. It is your responsibility to ensure that when your friends order, they inform Nature's Liquids that you are the Sponsor. Log in to see the many free referral tools Nature's Liquids provides you. Referral Bonus Credits are non-transferable.


Retail Program

Nature's Liquids products can also be sold directly to customers:

Purchase products at wholesale and resell to customers at suggested retail.

Example: The Suggested Retail Price for one (1) bottle of SeaAloe or Superfruits GT is $39.95. Purchase a Premier Pak and pay just $25 per bottle.

Pro tip: Apply Referral Bonus Credits to pay as little as $17.50 per bottle!

Read Nature's Liquids Compensation Plan (PDF document)

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Read Nature's Liquids Policies and Procedures (PDF document)


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