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Questions about SeaAloe

Why SeaAloe?

Simple, Easy and Convenient…

Many supplement programs require taking hard-to-swallow tablets, capsules, then mixing messy powders, along with complicated directions. SeaAloe is simple, easy and convenient, just 1-3 ounces a day, in a great tasting liquid form. SeaAloe has no synthesized or genetically modified (GMO) ingredients.

What is SeaAloe?

13 Superfoods from Around the World…

SeaAloe is a balanced whole-food nutritional supplement containing 13 Superfoods from Around the World. With our proprietary blend of plant-based, whole-food ingredients, we provide nutrients in a natural liquid form your body recognizes. SeaAloe uses proprietary processing techniques that reduce surface tension to enhance nutrient absorption. SeaAloe works in perfect harmony with nature and is Vegan Certified.

Why Reduce Surface Tension?

Typical liquids like water have surface tensions in the range of 76 to 80 dynes. SeaAloe has a surface tension of 60 dynes or less, allowing for maximum absorption.

Do I need to take any other multi-vitamin and mineral supplements?

SeaAloe already contains a tremendous variety of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, phytonutrients and amino acids. Nature is about balance, not potency. Why take more?

I'm a vegetarian, can I take SeaAloe?

Yes. SeaAloe is Vegan certified, and is an excellent source of plant-based, whole-food nutritional support.

Is SeaAloe Gluten Free?

Yes. View the SeaAloe Gluten FREE certification PDF document from Pacific Coast Analytical Services.

Can children take SeaAloe?

Yes. However, consult with your health care practitioner before giving SeaAloe or any other dietary supplement to a child.

Can pregnant or lactating women take SeaAloe?

Yes. However, if you are pregnant or lactating, or think you could be pregnant, you should consult with your health care practitioner before taking any dietary supplement.

Can senior citizens take SeaAloe?

Yes. Many of our most satisfied customers are senior citizens who appreciate the convenience, absorbability and whole-food bioactivity of our product.

Can SeaAloe be taken with medications?

Yes. However, you should always consult with your health care practitioner before using any dietary supplement if you are taking any medications.

How much SeaAloe should I take per day?

The recommended amount is 1-3 ounces per day.

What is the shelf life of SeaAloe?

SeaAloe has a recommended shelf life of 2 years stored unopened and out of direct sunlight. Opened bottles should be refrigerated and consumed within 60 days.

I am a retailer and need a specification sheet for my records, do you have a Product Specification Sheet available?

Yes. View the SeaAloe Product Specification Sheet PDF document.

Are there any other uses for SeaAloe?

Yes, many people add a teaspoon or so to their pet's food every day, other people have used it for their house plants and saw unbelievable results.

What are the specific amounts of each of the nutrients in SeaAloe? How do I know if I'm getting "enough"?

Everyone's specific needs vary – you can't possibly say that one standard amount is perfect for everyone. Nature honors balance, not potency. You could take two oranges to the grocer and ask "What is the exact amount of Vitamin C in each of these oranges?" He or she wouldn't know, because no two oranges, even from the same tree, have the same amount of Vitamin C. However, they all have the perfect ratio of vitamins, boiflavanoids, trace minerals and all nutritional components working in perfect harmony.

If you see specific amounts of added vitamins in a supplement, that is often because synthetically isolated (usually chemical) compounds are added in "one amount fits all" quantities. The reality is that one amount cannot possibly fit all since we all have varied demands based on our age, health, lifestyle, and family history. SeaAloe is a much healthier alternative. SeaAloe looks to nature, giving you living and bio-available plant–based, whole-food, nutritional support in perfect balance as nature intends it, and as your body can use it to fuel itself at the cellular level. SeaAloe adds NO specific isolated nutrients. All of the nutrients present in SeaAloe are there from the Superfood ingredients. The fact is our bodies are not deficient in neither synthetic nor chemical nutrition. The only way to make up the deficiency in natural nourishment is to supplement with whole-food and perfectly balanced nutrients that your body recognizes.

You weren't made in a laboratory; your nutritional supplement shouldn't be either.


"I swear by SeaAloe…"

I swear by SeaAloe - it keeps my immune system humming. I tell everyone about SeaAloe and how it keeps me feeling GREAT!

- Glenna K., Florida**

"My hair and nails have never grown faster, or been healthier!”"

I have used the SeaAloe formula for over 5 years. My hair and nails have never grown faster, or been healthier. I knew within weeks I was different.

- Rosemary, PA**

"I really noticed a change"

After only 1 month of 1 oz each morning, I really noticed a change. I'm convinced!

- George C., Alaska**


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