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SeaAloe and Superfruits GT SeaAloe and Superfruits GT

Value Comparison

How much you would be paying for a month's supply if you were to try to get the individual ingredients on their own? This chart demonstrates that you save nearly $100, and shows the other benefits that are exclusive to the SeaAloe formula and our proprietary processing techniques.

SeaAloe Price Popular Retail Products Price
1 Convenient Product
   Only 1-2 ounces per day
7 Different Products
   Liquids, tablets & capsules
Aloe Vera Juice
Aloe Vera Juice
  • Hand-filleted
  • Cold processed
  • 100% inner gel ONLY
  • Machine processed
  • Whole-leaf product
  • Dehydrated or pasteurized
Perfect 7 Sea Vegetable Blend
Other Sea Veg. Supplements
  • 7 different sea vegetables
  • Harvested from the coldest waters in the world (Iceland and Canada) providing a nutrient rich sea vegetable blend
  • Excipients, binders & fillers added
  • Low absorption and bio-availability
  • Only 1 or 2 species used
Trace Minerals
Generic Trace Minerals Formulas
  • Naturally occuring in our Sea Vegetables
  • Plant-based whole foods
  • Living, organic and ocean-based
  • Inorganic and rock & shale based
  • Limited to null bio-availability
  • Long-term negative side effects
Pau D’Arco
Liquid Pau D’Arco Extract
  • Inner bark only
  • Processed properly to release active volatile oils & esters for maximum health benefits
  • Fumigated or irradiated
  • Improper processing
  • May contain excipients, binders & fillers
Finest 4 Fruit Juice Concentrates
Generic Antioxidant Blend
  • Freshest available
  • Reliable sources in North America
  • Over-processed, destroying bioactivity
  • Sugar and preservatives added


"I use the product as an alternative to taking vitamin pills…"

I use the product as an alternative to taking vitamin pills. SeaAloe is a natural whole food supplement, great tasting, has better absorption, and seems to be responding to most of my overall health needs. I am so convinced of SeaAloe that I often recommend it to others and even give away a few of my own personal bottles for others to try.

- B. W., VA **

"My body craves it!”

I have been taking the SeaAloe formula for 8 years now - my energy level is up and I feel much healthier... My body craves it! This is not just another fad - you will notice the changes!

- Michelle H., HI **


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