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Opportunity Testimonials

"The SeaAloe Success System gave me access to the finer things in life- Time, Freedom and the Money to enjoy them. Thanks to SeaAloe, I am now enjoying being a proud parent of 4 and I am my own boss, earning money 24/7! And all this in record time, with no college degree and no former nutritional training; proof that if an ordinary person like me can achieve extraordinary success with SeaAloe, so can you!"

- Randy Frager
Oceanside, CA**

"Nature’s Liquids has THE BEST marketing plan! Why? Because it allows the part time person to make more than they do in a full time job. I truly believe the person sharing the product and opportunity should be rewarded the most, and with SeaAloe, it is just THAT simple. Share the benefits and earn the rewards! SeaAloe is your retirement solution!"

- Brenda Marks
Mount Vernon, IL**

"I saw so many undigested vitamin pills on x-rays over the years in practice, I started to research whole food liquid vitamins - it doesn't take a D.C. degree to know that our bodies assimilate and absorb whole foods (e.g. vegetables and fruits) more easily than synthetic vitamins. After months of research, I discovered the SeaAloe formula, and I started taking it on a daily basis. SeaAloe has the perfect blend of whole foods without stimulants or synthetics---PLUS- - it tastes GREAT! I liked it so much that I started giving it to my family AND recommending it to my patients.

Become a SeaAloe distributor... You, your family, and your patients won't ever regret it. We are here to help increase your passive income along with helping people to live healthier lives."

- Dr. Chris Cormier, DC
Lafayette, LA**

"In my mid 50’s I noticed I had lost all that good energy I had and I became interested in supplements for increased energy… Soon, my wife and I were downing 18 various pills a day and were spending hundreds a month trying to stay healthy. We realized that in order to afford all those supplements we had to become distributors, but we were our only real customers!

Then we discovered a liquid whole food supplement called SeaAloe, and it changed our lives! Not only are we getting most all the elements our body needs nutritionally, but it is also in a liquid form that starts working right away; this is called bioavailability and thankfully means no more pills!

I am now 67 yrs old and both my wife and I feel great and people NOTICE! People ask: “What are you doing to look so young, you never seem to age?” Naturally SeaAloe provides an opportunity to promote and sell the product. Not only has the product changed our lives, but has also allowed us to earn a substantial retirement income. It seems that we can’t help telling others we meet everywhere about this wonderful product and how to make some extra income. "

- Darrell & Marcia Chute
Grove City, OH**

"SeaAloe offers an incredible home-based business opportunity for anyone seeking a tried and true path to success. SeaAloe has it all: A single, consumable product that’s the best there is, free state-of-the-art websites, experienced sales staff, a simple and lucrative business plan, plus tremendous corporate support."

- John Barnwell
Bloomfield Hills, MI**

"SeaAloe is the best choice I have made in 38 years of practice. Not only for my own personal health program, but also as the supplement that I am able to recommend to my patients with confidence that there is none better. This is backed up by the positive feed back I hear from my patients and the amazing reorder rate I have seen over the last 5 years since I started recommending the formula. If you appreciate the Power of Nature, and want the best for your patients, you will add SeaAloe.

SeaAloe is increasing my professional cash flow, plus SeaAloe sends me regular checks for every customer re-order."

- Dr. William M. Coburn, DC
Fallbrook, CA**

"Having tried many other products over the years, I have now ordered a case of SeaAloe and was thrilled when it arrived. It is totally delicious, to be savored, sip by sip. I felt the infusion of nutritious goodness immediately and after two days really felt the benefits already. I am so glad to have this product! I have cancelled all other products and have established my distributorship. Now, I'm going to let people know about SeaAloe. I'm glad to be a part of SeaAloe! "

- Hal Woods
South Hero, Vermont**

"I was a skeptic...I didn't believe in using supplements. I believed I could obtain everything I needed in the foods I ate. As time progressed, my body started to wear down. Being a pediatric physical therapist, I needed to be mobile & to be able to work at the level of the kids (plenty of kneeling). An Orthopedist recommended supplements to alleviate my symptoms & aid in improving my condition. Supplemental pills, powders & gel caps appeared to do very little. But when I tried liquid supplements, I saw some improvement. I then discovered an advertisement for the SeaAloe formula...a liquid nutritional whole-food supplement...I tried it & I was hooked! I have been using this remarkable supplement for four years now. Several of my co-workers noticed the improvements I had experienced and inquired as to what I was taking. I started by introducing them to just one bottle. They are now hooked! When you're a health care professional and you know something's good, you just have to share the blessing! "

- Bud H, (P.T.)

SeaAloe Testimonials

"Along with me, many of friends and family have been on this formula for over 5 years and it is one of the best things we have done for ourselves. We feel that we get so many better benefits because of the absorption of a liquid all around daily product.

While giving me more energy, it helps supply my body with nutrients from plant sources, because so much of our food today is lacking nutrients yet full of chemicals, preservatives and dyes.

I have worked the business and earn more than what I spend, by selling some of my case plus the commission checks I receive weekly. The plan enhancements excite me because now everyone can earn some income by starting out by ordering a We-Pak a month and sharing it with friends and family. It is exciting to get paid weekly and to be able to offer an unconditional 90-day money back guarantee."

- Diane

"I have used the SeaAloe formula for over 5 years. My hair and nails have never grown faster, or been healthier. I knew within weeks I was different. More energy! I'm 58, my kids are 35, 31, and 28 and we are all HOOKED. Please just try it!!!!"

- Rosemary
Honeybrook, PA**

"SeaAloe created such an uplifting feeling in my body and my breathing – PLUS my energy level continued to go up. I am so thankful for SeaAloe and always want to be able to have this product! "

- Vicki
Corpus Christi, TX**

"I swear by SeaAloe - it keeps my immune system humming. I tell everyone about SeaAloe and how it keeps me feeling GREAT!"

- Glenna K.

"I began taking SeaAloe in 2003. It wasn't long before I found I was using it daily… I noticed I had a lot more energy. I didn't realize the energy was due to taking the SeaAloe formula until I ran out of the product. I would like all of my loved ones to experience the benefits of this product - I highly recommend it!"

- Crystal W

"About five years ago our family began a transformation in health. We stopped eating many things, began eating healthy foods, and started taking the SeaAloe formula. SeaAloe has helped us become healthier and happier. It is now a routine part of our day--from us, as parents, down to our 2-year-old. We love SeaAloe because it has changed us into a family that can do many more things rather than just worry about being tired, and unhealthy. SeaAloe is an important part of our day!"

- Randall, Jennifer, Spencer, Connor, & Ethan
Mesa, AZ**

"I’ve been taking the SeaAloe formula for almost 4 yrs. I love the flavor so much I take SeaAloe twice a day! I get great quality sleep and I am so well rested in the morning to face the challenges of the next day thanks to SeaAloe!"

- Jose
Chicago IL**

"I am 54 and have used the SeaAloe formula for several years. SeaAloe has helped me feel better with my normal routine. Both my mother and my Aunt are taking SeaAloe and they feel great with it!"

- Christine

"I simply can't say enough about your product!! I have been an avid customer (purchaser) for nearly five years now.

I use the product as an alternative to taking vitamin pills. The absorption rate of SeaAloe is very natural, great tasting, and responsive to most of my overall health needs. I am so convinced of SeaAloe that I often recommend it to others and even give away a few of my own personal bottles for others to try.

Most of my friends and family are amazed at how simple the product works. Non-believes become hard-core believers once they stop taking SeaAloe and begin to slip back into their old sluggish, incoherent self!

It's been a lifesaver in helping me to address feminine health issues and I suspect, I'll be taking the product until the day I die!!

Thanks SeaAloe and keep your production lines moving!! "

- B. W.
Manassas, VA**

"I have been taking the SeaAloe formula for 8 years now - my energy level is up and I feel much healthier... My body craves it! This is not just another fad - you will notice the changes!

SeaAloe isn't a miracle cure-all, but for me it has made a huge difference in my life and health."

- Michelle H.
Holualoa, HI**

"I have been taking the SeaAloe formula for about four years – all I take is an ounce a day and I feel great! "

- Gary Y.
Shingle Springs CA**

"This product is nutrition in liquid form for better absorption with a great taste, packed with quite an array of vitamins & minerals and without synthetic, man-made nutrients! For me, SeaAloe is a natural choice for good nutrition and I highly recommend it to anyone."

- Al S.
Rome, NY**

"I am 79 years old female, working at least 6 hours a day and I have been taking the SeaAloe formula for 3 years without other medications, I am always on the go without any naps during the day. People always ask me where I get my energy. I attribute my energy to SeaAloe."

- Audrey M.
Raeford, NC**

"I've been taking the SeaAloe formula for at least 3 years now. It is amazing! I have a sense of well-being again! I've actually been able to return to my regular exercise program with the increased energy from SeaAloe.

I can't go on without SeaAloe. It is second to none as far as I'm concerned. Thanks to SeaAloe, for giving my life back."

- Robert K.
Takoma Park, MD**

"After only 1 month of 1 oz each morning, I really noticed a change. I'm convinced! "

- George C.

"SeaAloe is in my opinion the best whole food supplement on the planet Earth! I always have plenty of energy to get through my day. I feel simply wonderful.

My body is my temple and I feel a connection spiritually with SeaAloe. It is peace of mind knowing that my body is receiving all the nutrients known to man, and then some I am sure!

There aren't enough quality adjectives to describe what SeaAloe has meant to me over the past years. "

- John M. B.

"I love your product and the great taste of berry flavor. I work a long tough schedule and a daily shot of SeaAloe has kept me feeling healthy and clear-minded."

- Gary B.**

"One day in my hunt for a good supplement I came across SeaAloe and I ordered a supply and started immediately. Within a couple of weeks, I thought I was on some rocket fuel! I was feeling better, looking better, doing things that the best diets couldn't do. The best diets could not give me the 100% food source nutrition that my body needed to build itself up. I never felt better! "

- Jean R
Commack, NY**

"I've been taking the SeaAloe formula since 1999 and have noticed a remarkable improvement. Not only in my mental alertness but also in my physical stamina. I whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone. Whether or not they feel they are at their optimum health."

- Lena H
Thermopolis, WY**

"I'm fifty-something and for years I was taking a dozen different capsules of good vitamins minerals, put together by a doctor. When I switched to this SeaAloe formula, I noticed some improvements immediately. It totally leaves all other things I've tried behind in the dust. Since that first day, 5 yrs. ago, I've tried not taking any SeaAloe, and within a few days the problems return. I'll never be without SeaAloe!"

- Kathy L.
Lake Havasu, Az.**

"SeaAloe is my miracle. Everyone should be taking this and if they are not they should start ASAP...It's affordable and well worth it. SeaAloe keeps you healthy... I am proof... I believe I am in good health because of SeaAloe."

- Lynn F.
Farmington, CT**

"I have been taking the SeaAloe formula for about three years. I enjoy good health and the ability to work having lived seventy-six years. I feel that taking SeaAloe gives me the necessary supplements for maintaining the energy level that I need to be active in carpenter work and woodworking in my shop."

- Mason H.
Maysville, KY**

Superfruits GT Testimonials

"I just am blown away by the results I hear from new customers who are now taking Super Fruits GT every morning."

- Scott N.
Seattle, WA**

"After just 2 weeks on Superfruits GT we've found that we have a lot more energy and are a lot more focused during the day."

- Dave and Sue P.
Jackson, MI**

"I have always believed in the power of the Acai Berry as an antioxidant, and I get all I need from Superfruits GT twice a day! "

- Jim S.
Lake in the Hills, IL**

"At the age of 81, I am certainly appreciative of something that gives me the energy I feel from Superfruits GT"

- Lloyd D.
Kenosha, WI**

"I am very excited about this new product! I’ve heard a lot about resveratrol, and I am glad Superfruits GT has it as one of the key ingredients. I know since I’ve started taking Superfruits GT every day, I’ve felt great, my skin looks and feels good, and I just KNOW it’s good for me!"

- Rob G.
Grants Pass, OR**

"Superfruits GT gives me energy in the morning, and I feel less tired after a long day working (I’m on my feet sometimes for 10 hours as a hair stylist). I keep a bottle at home AND a bottle at work! Thanks Superfruits GT!"

- Danielle C.
Nashville, TN**


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