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SeaAloe and Superfruits GT SeaAloe and Superfruits GT

December 23, 2020

California, where Nature’s Liquids is headquartered, has been imposing stringent restrictions on business activities since March of 2020. Since then, many lives have been forever changed. We’ve also seen numerous businesses make substantial, sometimes temporary, changes to their operations.

Nature’s Liquids, fortunately, hasn’t had to make many changes to keep customers and employees safe and healthy. Dietary Supplement Manufacturing and Sales activities have been deemed essential in all 50 States.

Our products are manufactured in, and shipped directly to you from, an FDA licensed and inspected facility. They’ve been keeping things clean and safe for decades! Our workforce is now 100% remote, and has the full, secure access to the ordering and tracking software needed to take care of your needs.

Our shipping partners, UPS (3 and 12-paks), and USPS (1 and 2 bottle orders), have informed us that due to a multitude of factors, most shipments are taking a day or two longer to arrive. For all 3 and 12 bottle orders, you’ll get email tracking directly from UPS or you can contact us for details. All 1 and 2 bottle orders are also tracked and insured, but you do need to contact us to access the specifics.

As always, we thank you for ordering our products and referring them to others.    


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