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SeaAloe and Superfruits GT SeaAloe and Superfruits GT

Superfruits GT

Superfruits gt bottle

Superfruits GT starts with a powerful combination of the finest and most researched fruits in the world. Combined with Green Tea and Resveratrol, these all natural ingredients produce the ultimate liquid antioxidant formula. Our proprietary infusion process, known as ORAmaXX™, results in a concentrated formula that outshines the competition. Superfruits GT's liquid delivery method allows Superfruits GT to more readily, and completely, assimilate into your body which gives your body the antioxidant boost it needs each day.

Meet TOXY, the free radical


Your body uses ANTIOXIDANTS to help combat TOXY and the damaging effects he can have on your body. But as we expose ourselves to ever increasing levels of harmful pollutants, our bodies struggle to produce sufficient antioxidants, so TOXY and his pals can end up doing some serious damage.

But you can combat TOXY and his friends with the Ultimate Antioxidant Formula…Superfruits GT.

Our Main Ingredient in our Powerhouse Blend: Acai Berry

Superfruits gt acai berry

The Açai berry is the main ingredient in our doctor formulated Superfruits GT. Açai Berries are a fruit-based source for essential fatty acids including Omega-3 and Omega-6. Consuming appropriate amounts of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids have been found to support normal levels of LDL & HDL cholesterol. Fatty acids also aid in the transport and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

What should I know about Acai?

  • Key Antioxidant: Bioflavonoids called Anthocyanidins
  • Holds the ranks as the #1 superfood in the world
  • An antioxidant source with exceptional ORAC values
  • Supports the body's natural detoxification processes
  • Improves overall well-being and functionality

While the Açai berry is a recognized antioxidant resource, Superfruits GT saw the need to combine all the known superfruits in the world to create one formula. With two one (1) ounce servings of Superfruits GT, a person can meet the 3500-5000 ORAC units' suggestion. Antioxidant theory suggests the more antioxidants you have in your body, the less damage free radicals (AKA: TOXY) can have on your healthy cells.

Antioxidant blend Superfruits GT Powerhouse Blend consists of Açai berries, Wolfberries (also known as Goji Berries), Mangosteen, and Pomegranates. We also added blueberries, white grapes, peaches, and pears for additional flavor and benefits.

But the Superfruits GT formula doesn't stop there! There are plenty of good antioxidant supplements out there, except Superfruits GT is the greatest, so we took an additional step and added two more ingredients…

A) Green Tea

B) Resveratrol

Green Tea and Resveratrol have been shown to increase energy levels and endurance. Resveratrol contains naturally occurring phytochemicals called phytoalexins that scientists contribute to its quickly emerging status as a potential "Fountain of Youth" resource. And as with all antioxidants, we are only beginning to understand the true beneficial properties Resveratrol has to offer the body.

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Nature’s Liquids has an unheard of 90 Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Superfruits gt 90 day guarantee

Try Superfruits GT today. On average, in about 2 weeks, most people feel more energetic, have increased stamina to get through the day with energy to spare, plus they feel better overall.

Because we have such a long guarantee, we suggest you use it to its full capacity before making your decision. If you just aren’t feeling it, that’s alright, return the bottles to us within those 90 days and we will refund the entire amount immediately!

But with a 99.77% satisfaction rate and an 87% re-order rate, history has shown us that our products work and make a difference in your life that you will not want to be without ever again.

Order superfruits gt risk free

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"At the age of 81…"

At the age of 81, I am certainly appreciative of something that gives me the energy I feel from Superfruits GT.

- Lloyd, Kenosha, WI**

"I've heard a lot about the benefits of Resveratrol…"

I am very excited about this new product! I've heard a lot about the benefits resveratrol, and I am glad Superfruits GT has it as one of the key ingredients. I know since I've started taking Superfruits GT every day, I've felt great, my skin looks and feels good, and I just KNOW it's good for me!

- Rob G., OR**

"I feel less tired after a long day working…"

Superfruits GT gives me energy in the morning, and I feel less tired after a long day working (I'm on my feet sometimes for 10 hours as a hair stylist). I keep a bottle at home AND a bottle at work! Thanks Superfruits GT!

- Danielle, Nashville, TN**


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